Can we help you with some tenancy advice or earn you deserved compensation?

At Deposit Compensation we have over 50 years of combined experience of working within the private rented sector.

We have met plenty of good landlords and letting agents over the years but have had the unfortunate experience of meeting many a bad landlord and letting agents. We know such people cause great stress and anxiety for good tenants, and we felt it was time to ACT.

Therefore, we set up Deposit Compensation to offer a wide range of services to tenants to assist them in dealing with tenancy issues, unfair deposit deductions or where deposit compliance has not been undertaken by the landlord or letting agent.

Allow us to help

Contact us today for a free no obligation tenancy health check to establish whether your landlord or letting agent correctly protected your deposit. Remember, this applies to all residential tenancies where a deposit has been paid within the past 6 years – Act now you’ve nothing to lose.

Please send us an enquiry and we will contact you shortly.

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    • Great Service, I would recommend!
      John C
    • Very helpful and friendly helped me get the outcome I was hoping for
      Lorna S

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